• webzipd November 2021
    (Almost) zero config webserver to serve static files from zips.
  • systemd-telegram October 2021
    Telegram integration for systemd. Notifications after unit completion, including journal files in case of a failure.
  • aerback October 2021
    Encrypted backups using age for encryption and rclone to upload the archives. Also includes a systemd timer to do backups on a schedule.
  • Briefmail April 2018
    An all-in-one mail server solution to handle sending and receiving mails (via smtp) and exposing them to a mail client (via pop3). Featuring spf checks and dns blacklists with more to come in the future.
  • Untex October 2016
    A preprocessor for LaTeX to allow for expressions similar to markdown, which makes it easier to read and write texts. Untex also features templates, so that you can conveniently apply the same styles, packages and what not to more than one document.
  • Anondraw by Filip Smets January 2015
    A colloborative canvas for anonymous strangers to draw on and a home for about a thousand creative minds every day.
  • Towel January 2015
    A very dynamic content management system created during the rise of mongodb. You can create collections via fluent configuration and use those for adding and displaying content.
  • IRC Awesome December 2013
    An irc client that does not look like the nineties.
  • Lé-Css July 2012
    Automatic less to css transpilation on file change. You can intuitively add sources to the file watcher by dragging them into the program window.